Dress a Girl, Empower a Woman

Ideas for donation amounts:


will provide 2 pillowcase dresses for a little girl


buys a school kit which includes pencils, sharpener, notebook, crayons, ruler, scissors & erasers


buys a sewing supply bag for a woman in the village


provides 30 pillowcases that will be turned into pillowcase dresses


provides a woman with a foot pedal sewing machine


will provide a woman with a sewing machine and sewing supply bag to get her business started


will buy a sewing machine and enough supplies for a woman to make about 85 pillowcase dresses to sell and earn money for her village

We have many goals for the current village we are working in, including a well and a community center. While your donations assist with providing sewing supplies to the village women, we also use funds towards assisting the village in reaching their goals to improve their living conditions. Any donation amount is truly appreciated and will be used toward improving conditions in the villages we support.